NMR Class Registration

All instruction is currently done on an individual or very small group basis, as needed. Once you complete a registration, you should be contacted within 3 or 4 working days to schedule time, and you should normally expect to complete that instruction within two weeks. On the high field instruments, it may take longer to complete instruction, due to scheduling on the spectrometer, but you will still be contacted within a couple of working days to schedule the instruction. If you are not, please let one of the staff know so that we may correct the problem. After you register, you will get an automated e-mail acknowledging your registration (assuming you supplied a valid e-mail address!). If you do not receive this acknowledgement, your registration did not get through the system - usually due to missing information on the form.

To start, select the type of registration you need:
I do not have an NMR account. I need instruction for routine 300 MHz 1H/13C NMR.

I do not have an NMR account. I need instruction on the Avance 400 solution state NMR in the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building.

I have an NMR account and need additional instruction, or access to another spectrometer.

Please note that instruction on the 400 and 500 MHz instruments requires some minimum skills and experience on the 300 MHz instruments. You can review that list of basic skill expectations here: 300 MHz Skills List

I do not have an NMR account. I need instruction for 400 MHz Solid State NMR.