NMR Reservations

All reservations for time after June 18th at 8am, need to be made using the FACES website. Anything before this time keep using the below instructions.
  • How to make reservaations via FACES website.
  • Instrument time reservations for the routine access spectrometers may be made with a computerized reservation system. The reservation rules on these systems are rather confusing at first - they have evolved over the years as the NMR users' committee tries to accommodate everyone's needs. There is now a summary of the reservation rules available.

    There are several guidelines worth noting for the use of NMR reservations:

    • A reservation is not required to use the instrument. If no one has a spectrometer reserved and no one is using it, you may use the system. A reservation simply guarantees you a particular block of time.
    • Reservations may not be made within 20 minutes of a block starting time. They may not be deleted within 30 minutes of the reservation time.
    • A reservation may be considered abandoned after 10 minutes or 10% of the reservation length, whichever is longer. For the purpose of this guideline, several consecutive reservations by the same person will be considered as a single longer reservation.
    • Reservations are user based, not group based, and the rules are designed to maximize access to as many users as possible. Making multiple reservations under several names to generate a longer block of time is contrary to the intent of the reservation rules and is not permitted.

    Reservations on any of the routine access instruments may be made by accessing the reservation system on the workstation nmrsun1. Or by using one of the dedicated reservation terminals but these are only found in the room with the specific instruments they access. Telnet has been disabled, so you will need to use a secure communications connection such as SSH. From a terminal window you can use the command ssh username@nmrsun1.chem.tamu.edu. You will be prompted for your password. Once you are logged in you can start the reservation program by typing the command su reserve.

    Once you have started the reservation program with the command su reserve, select vt100 as the terminal type, and choose the system of interest. This will only work for users behind the campus firewall - outside users will not be able to access this system. You can use VPN from off-campus to establish a network connection within the firewall and then be able to telnet to one of the workstations.

  • If you have been using the PUTTY program for telnet you can use the same program for SSH. Just switch the protocol from telnet to SSH.
  • If you are still having trouble finding an ssh client for your PC, please contact the IT helpdesk for assistance.